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2011 Random Bam

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What Grinds My Gears

I was reading blogs today an I stumbled on my big homie Neo's Blog called what grinds my gears. After reading it i was like hey should do one of these lol. Make sure u Check out his blog at The Matrix Revealed Now lets get this post started. Random ass people trying to add me on facebook. I dont know you so wat are u sending me a request for??? I'll wait.................................................... Party Promoters on facebook...(Need I say More??) I-76...If you ever had to go to King of Prussia u know wat i mean Internet thugs.....Only tough on keyboards GTFOH Verizon...Yall aint start popping fly until motorola helped yall out FOH An Ex...we agreed to split ways right?? WTF u asking ppl about me for then? Kat Stacks on Twitter Stupid trending topics on Twitter Nosey people on the bus that be all in your phone while u texting... Now if i pull up x rated pic of myself on my screen i bet ya ass get out my phone then huh? dam douchelord People that t@!k