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BVM Exclusive: Justin Garner (@JustinGarner) - James Dean

"James Dean" will be available tomorrow on iTunes, Amazon, and all major carriers! But we at BVM have it now for your listening pleasure.. Check it out below and get ready for "Warrior" PS..We see JG is maturing right before our eyes with his music now and we at BVM dig it alot

Dope Covers: TC (@SongwriterTC) - Fatal Distraction (@MarioSoulTruth Cover)

Here is a new cover from TC and its Mario's New Single "Fatal Distraction" Check it out below

Music Video: @JanelleMonae & @MiguelUnlimited's 'PRIMETIME' refix by @danieldebourg & @olivialeisk. #DDBOVERDRIVE

Here is what DDB had to say about PrimeTime: Janelle MonĂ¡e and Miguel combine perfectly on PRIMETIME... When Olivia called me and showed me the original, I knew it had to be part of the #DDBOVERDRIVE series... Download LONDON BREAD the album here : iTunes - ... Google - ... Deezer - Nokia - ... Play - ... Spotify - ...

New Music Britney Spears (@britneyspears ) - Work B*tch #WorkB

New Music from Britney Spears titled "Work Bitch" and we see this running wild in the dance clubs..The beat is amazing and we can't wait to see the video for it..Check it out below and let us know what you think

Music Video: Sharaya J ( @Sharaya_J ) - Smash Up The Place / Snatch Yo Wigs Dir by @MissyElliot

Sharaya J's New Video Directed By: Missy Elliott and Sam DeAngelis Produced By: WebofTheMacHine Snatch Yo Wigs Produced By: DJ Jayhood Edited By: SLDean Studios Join the BANJI Movement!!!

BVM Exclusive: Bam Interviews Tah Breeziiy (@Tah_Skywalker )

BVM: who is tah breeziiy? Tah Breeziiy: Tah Breeziiy is more than a name, Tah Breeziiy is a brand lol. Thats the typical shit a artist would say but no seriously, im just a normal 22yr old that knows how to rap. Im from NJ, im short 5'5, I love food (fried chicken mainly) typical right? lmao, im muslim, I like tattoos, I like sneakers, I can dance and sing outside of rapping as well, and I have a degree in Criminal Justice and Child Education as a back up just in case this rapping shit doesnt pop off lol! BVM: something nobody knows or wouldnt expect from me? Tah Breeziiy: most people who know me will tell you im "OUTSPOKEN" ... to the point where people just say im mean. I'm actually not mean, im just honest... but no one would actually believe the fact that im shy! im good at just going for it though, the things im shy about or not to sure of, rarely stop me. It gives me something to accomplish, something to get over and get through. "no one is

BVM Pick Of The Day: David Banner (@THEREALBANNER ) - Walking With Gods 1-4 #WalkingWithGods

I recently came across this series on youtube and wanted to share it with you guys. A crash course in Walking With Gods: Walking with Gods is a live-action, superhero series. It is about a man whose godly powers are realized only when his inner being is balanced and he truly believes in the power within. It all begins when Aket Heru, son of a celestial king is cursed. Aket's jealous older brother, Liel, becomes aware that their father will ignore natural order and install Aket as king, upon his death. Angered, Liel invokes the evil spirit Setus. Setus fools Liel and destroys the family, but keeps Aket for entertainment. Aket's memory is erased and he is forced to travel through the ages not knowing his true God like power. Setus plays an evil game and Aket murders his girlfriend, Lisa. After the murder, Aket's true power awakens. Aket must now fight to restore his full power and break the curse. In order to do so, Aket now Alex Light, must believe in his godly po

Music Video: Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus ) - Wrecking Ball (Explicit) shot by @Terry_World

New Visuals from Miley Cyrus and we at BVM love this single. The track is called "Wrecking Ball" and it is and emotional tale of wanting to breakthrough to somebody so bad that you end up wrecking yourself in the process (thats what I got from it) Check it out below and make sure to pre order your copy of "BANGERZ"  Pre Order BANGERZ and get " we wont stop" and " wrecking ball" 

Dope Covers: KATY PERRY (@katyperry) - ROAR ( @danieldebourg cover)

New Cover from DDB and he takes on ROAR by Katy perry..He completely stripped the song down and added the soul vibe that we came to love about his voice.. Check out the cover below and make sure to get his Album "London Bread" Download LONDON BREAD the album here : iTunes - ... Google - ... Deezer - Nokia - ... Play - ... Spotify - ...