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Music Video: John Blu ( @johnblu ) - Party At My Crib

Here are the visuals for the hot new record from "The R&B Bully" John Blu. The video embodies the title and vibe of the song..Check it out below and enjoy. Just don't watch it at work lol


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New Music: Aaron Reid (@RockstarReid) - Tell Nobody ft. TTO KT (Produced by Aaron Reid, MVLIK & ClevaKeys

New Music from Aaron Reid and we have it for ya right here at BVM. Check out "Tell Nobody" Below now and get ready for the new project LVNDR coming soon.

Mind Fucks


New Music: Michael McCluney ( @Mike_day26 ) - Time Machine

New Music From Michael McCluney aka big mike from Day26. the song is called Time Machine. He lays down dope vocals of how he wish he could go back in time..Most will be able to relate to this track