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New Music: Jhene Aiko ( @JheneAiko ) - For My Brother

This song was written for Jhene's brother Miyagi who has recently lost his fight with cancer at the age of 26. This is what she had to say about the song: I wrote and recorded this myself on my lap top, for my brother…. Miyagi . this song was really just intended for him to hear….. but i thought it would be nice to share …. i was so nervous to play it for him myself, so when i left to San Francisco on Thursday I had my TT play it for him…. She said his breath got calm as he listened and i know he heard every word …. later that night he became the angel he was born to be and i am so grateful that he got to hear this before he left on his infinite journey…. now i hear him telling ME , what i was singing to him… to not give up . i love you SO much Miyagi!!!! . Everything x2 now. Everything for you now …. This song is amazing. We at Bam vs Media would like to send our prayers to the family during this time.

Music Video: Rick Ross ( @rickyrozay ) - Hold Me Back #HoldMeBack

Check out the newest Vid from Rozay

Artist Spotlight: CinderFella - Todrick Hall ( @toddyrockstar )

 (  Check this music mashup of disney and hit songs out now..Most of all peep the message in the video

Fashion Alert: @Aerotheflykid Clothing Line

The fly kids clothing is a premier trend carried by its leader Aero the fly kid.  This unique style bolsters a classic simplistic touch designed to fit all tastes. The Fly Kids, in its first year of operation has grown at an unthinkable pace.  With the signet of their signature use of 1930’s aircraft's and logo “Aero the fly kid”, the clothing line is set to launch their new product line with full displays and look books early August 2012. For more information on the Fly Kids and their new style visit their website at .  You can also visit the store and look into products at .   All items are trademarked and owned by Fly Kids and are currently available on-line. Stated by one of its many customers to be “innovative and catchy”, Fly Kids has something for everyone.  With an angle not yet seen, Fly Kids has been able to attract many followers garnishing over 6000 twitter followers (@Aerotheflykid) in just a few months.  N

New Music: Killa - @MrAngel_Day26 ft. @DorroughMusic prod. by @KOUNTDOWNBEATS #KILLA

They are moving these solo singles out quick. Mike dropped a smash and now Brian dropped a smash with this one. Check out Killa below

Music Video: Jennifer Lopez ( @JLo ) Ft/ Flo Rida ( @official_flo ) - Goin' In

Jennifer Lopez tags up with Flo Rida for this neon dance infused video More  snapshots we grabbed

New Music: Olivia Chisholm ( @OliviaDChisholm) - Party Hard (In Studio Performance)

Proud to say she is working on new music. Check out a in studio performance of a new track called "Party Hard"

Breaking News: Tameka Raymond Takes Son Off Of Life Support

Lil RG is an Angel now, Ryan, Tameka, Usher & the whole Glover Family we gotta make him proud! — djgregstreet (@DjGregStreet) July 21, 2012 CRYING, I Will Miss You Kile! Trying To Be Strong For My Foundation Trip Today. Sometimes Life Is So Unfair. — Frank Ski (@FRANKSKI) July 21, 2012 After reading this it can be said that Tameka Raymond has taken her son off of life support.  We over here at Bam vs media send our  Prayers out to the entire Raymond & Glover family. No Parent should ever have to bury their child. Gonna end this post with this positive image. Rest in Peace Kile Glover

Mixtape Alert: Daniel De Bourg ( @DDBMusic ) - The DDB Mixtape 3 #TheDDBmixtape3

The Final Chapter of the Mixtape Trilogy is now here for your listening pleasure.. Get the other mixtapes and familiarize yourself with this dope artist...  Enter 0 after hitting buy Now (Donating wouldn't hurt tho) and get your copy Check it out Below: <a href="">The DDB Mixtape Volume 3 - 'OUTRO' by Daniel de Bourg</a> Follow on Twitter  

New Music: Michael McCluney ( @Mike_day26 ) - Time Machine

New Music From Michael McCluney aka big mike from Day26. the song is called Time Machine. He lays down dope vocals of how he wish he could go back in time..Most will be able to relate to this track

Brandy ( @4everBrandy ) Kills it with this performance of "Put It Down"

Yall know we borderline stan for brandy over here so when i saw this vid i had to share it with yall. She is dancing,Singing, and showing yall why she was and still is a BEAST hands down. Check out her performance below

New Music: Ciara - Overdose Snippet

Here is a Snippet of a new song from Ciara called "Overdose" Now unlike some i liked her first offering "Sweat" but i think this one will be more radio friendly since everybody is leaning to the pop/dance sound right now. It gives me a nice feel good vibe when i hear it. I just hope she doesn't throw a rapper on it and mess it up like with 2 chainz

Album Art for Tamia ( @realtamiaworld ) Beautiful Surprise Album has been released

I love it because its simplistic and shows off how Beautiful Tamia is. I already know it is gonna be the truth because Tamia's voice is the business no matter what she sings. The album will be out 8/28 so save the date

Album Alert: Justin Garner ( @JustinGarner ) - I Am on Amazon Now

Not  long after our interview JG has dropped an album for his fans to listen to and witness how he has matured as an artist. I have attached a track from the album. Check it out and make sure to get your copy of "I AM" NOW I Am On Amazon I Am On Itunes 

New Music: Dawn Richard ( @DawnRichard ) - Pretty Wicked Things #PWT

New Music From Neon (Dawn Richard) for those who don't know her alter ego. The song is called " Pretty Wicked Things" Get into it below

New Music: JoJo ( @JoJoistheway ) - Demonstrate

New music from the talented jojo. she does no wrong in my eyes when it comes to her vocals. Check the new song "Demonstrate"

Spotlight Artist: Bam ( @Just_Bam) Interviews Actor Tristan D. Lalla ( @tdlalla )

Told y'all it has been a good week for Bam vs Media. Here is an interview that was with Actor, Artist, Dancer, and a all around positive person by the name of Tristan D. Lalla. Below are the questions from our interview where I can say he was very open with his answers. Many of you may know him as Manny from the movie "How She Moves" but many of you may not know he was the voice in plenty of the video games that we play today.The first answer pulled me in with me being a person who had/has  speech impediment (Stutter) and how he didn't let it defeat him.  Lets Get into the Interview  BVM: WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BE A ACTOR?   TDLalla: When I was a child I had a pretty severe speech impediment, & I couldn't really speak "normally" until I was around 7 or 8 years old. As time went on, I learned to break through the barrier that was holding me back from tapping into my potential. With diligence & lots of support & tough love from my family, I o

Artist Spotlight: Bam Interviews Pop Sensation Justin Garner ( @JustinGarner ) On Writing,Love, New Album, And More

This has been a really good week for me and Bam vs Media. One of the reasons is i got to do a interview with one of my new favorite artists which goes by the name of Justin Garner. Below is the quick question i got to ask which lets you learn more about him as a person and as an artist. Also Make sure you get his latest Project I AM which drops tomorrow on Itunes and Amazon.   BVM: WHAT'S THE FIRST SONG YOU EVER REMEMBER HEARING? JG: Hmmm let me think. The first song I remember paying attention to as a child was “Sail On” by The Commodores. BVM: WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO LATELY? JG: I’ve been listening to the Civil Wars, Lana Del Rey, Chris Brown, The Arrows, Maroon 5, and Kanye. BVM: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ALBUM BY ANOTHER ARTIST? JG: Easy. I have two though. Confessions by Usher and Rocksteady by No Doubt. BVM: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN COMPARED TO ANY OTHER MALE VOCALISTS? JG: YES! I get compared to Usher, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz. Not m

New Video: Meek Mill ( @MeekMill ) Ft. Drake (@Drake) / Jeremih ( @Jeremih ) - “Amen”

Publicity Stunt: Pastor Jomo Johnson ( @JomoKJohnson ) Now After Lil Wayne ( @LilTunechi )

Check out this latest interview with the pastor who wanted to boycott Meek Mill and is now targeting lil wayne Source

Artist Spotlight: Amber Smoke ( @ambersmoke1022 ) - Pony (Ginuwine Remix)

Here is a promo drop from Amber Smoke. Her She Aint Me mixtape is coming soon. Follow her on twitter Her Website

Music Video: Alyxx Dione ( @AlyxxDione ) - Hold Me

Now we have the visual for the new hit "Hold Me" By Ms Alyxx Dione. Check it out below and if you haven't got it off Itunes GET IT NOW

New Music: Alyxx Dione ( @AlyxxDione ) - Hold Me On Itunes NOW

We Have brand New Music From Ms Alyx Dione and the title of the song is "Hold Me" The song just dropped on itunes yes ITUNES about a hour ago. This marks as Her first track on Itunes which is a big accomplishment in itself. check out the song below and show your support by Buying the track off itunes


Check out the latest Choreography from Fresh and make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe (in that order)

@reallilscrappy Explains Why G-unit Deal didn't Work

For All those who wanted to know what happened with Scrappy and G-unit

Music Video: @KekePalmer F/ @KevinMccall - You Got Me

If you missed her on 106 check the video out here Now

New Music: Marcus Canty (@iammarcuscanty) Ft Wale (@wale) "In & Out"

New Music From Mr Canty and he brought Wale with him on this one. the track is called In & Out. Listen to it below

New Music: @40GLOCC - Seedz Of Makaveli Album #SeedzOfMakaveli‬

Can't beat a free album. Check it out and download it below Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by Download Seedz Of Makaveli

GeekGasm: @DCUO Update 16 Pix and Webcast #DCUO

So DCUO has pulled me in with this update because you can't go wrong with Aquaman updates. Check out these New Styles below and the Webcast also Aeronaut  Atlantean Warsuit  Fisherman Style  Logistic Style  Sharpshooter You get a pet also If You missed the webcast check it out below

New Mixtape: K. Michelle ( @kmichelle ) - 0 Fucks Given Hosted by @DJSENSE

She killed this yo. Proud of her progress and triumph so far. Now enough of my talking..Lets get to the Feel Good Music Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Music Video: Sean Falyon ( @SeanFalyon ) - Mouthful Of Lies #SFBE3

Here is the latest Visual offering from Sean Falyon titled "Mouthful Of Lies" Trippy video with a dope beat and delivery - Bam Check it out below

Dance: @alexbullon @followcamillo f/ Laura - Not Myself Tonight

Nothing else to say except they killed this

Rumor Mill: @Thegame VS @40GLOCC Fight? C'mon son

So we over here heard it was a fight video going around so we checked it out and its a head scratch-er. Something about it doesn't seem right. so we did a little digging and this is what we came up with so far. Check the vid below first.. 40 had this to say tho which makes me question the video now THIS CLOWN 4GOT 2AKE OUT THE AUDIO FOOTAGE & EDIT ME OUT TELLIN HIM "U NIGGAZ JUMPIN ME NIGGA".. NICE TRY NIGZ HAD GUNS ON ME & JUMPIN LOL — BIG BAD 40 (FOUR O) (@40GLOCC) July 8, 2012 Then posted this pic after getting jumped. Guess they wasn't swinging that hard After Fight Pic According to 40 he got jumped and dudes had guns aimed at him if he swung back.. I don't know about yall but that sounds like a good reason not swing back plus you can hear him say that in the vid

Wayne Brady wants to slap the sh*t out of Bill Maher??

One of Maher’s complaints about President Obama is, apparently, that he’s not aggressive enough as President. Fair enough – that’s a common complaint among liberals. However, Maher phrases this complaint in a (to put it charitably) risque way – specifically, by complaining that Obama doesn’t act enough like a stereotypical scary black man, instead acting more like a “Wayne Brady” figure. Never mind that these are both stereotypes, and that if any of Obama’s conservative critics said this, they’d be vilified to the ends of the earth. Right now, that‘s the least of Maher’s problems. Now Wayne Brady has heard it and has chose to respond. Check out what he has to say in response This had me laughing yo. When he said " and Fancy who also happened to be named Tyrique at one point." he did his homework lol Source

New Music: Frank Ocean - Sweet Life

New Music from Frank Ocean called "Sweet Life" check it out below

Dance: Step Up Revolution Trailer

This looks like it will make up for step up 3D and then some. The dancing in the trailer alone is sick as hell

Music Video: Jamai (@JamaiMusic) - TRIPLE LOSER


New Music: Teairra Marie ( @Teairra_Mari ) - Love Making

We got a new track from Teairra Marie called Love Making which is from her latest Mixtape Unfinished Business. Check out the track and download the Mixtape by hitting the link below Teairra Marie - Unfinished Business

Throwback Gem: Olivia ( @1andonlyOlivia ) - Are U Capable

Who remembers this one? This use to be my jam back when it dropped. It is a little explicit though lol

Fashion:Tank ( @TheRealTank ) Covers Kontrol Magazine ( @Kontrolmag )

Last post about Kontrol was Dawn Richard Now covering this issue will be "The lady killer" himself Tank. Below are a few pix from the shoot. Check them out after the jump Pick Up his Issue July 13

New Music: Ashanti F/ French Montana & Meek Mill - No One Greater

New Music from Ashanti