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New Mixtape Alert: @JetpackYungN Category Flyy: Flyy Times

Check out the latest Mixtape from Jetpack and make sure to download your copy as well Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by Download Now Contact:  instagram = jetpackyungn

New Music Alert: @stacyfrancis - Purple rain

Its On Itunes Now yall and she murdered this track and bought it back to life in 3 minutes and 49 seconds (Yes I counted) Add it to your Ipod,Iphone,Ipad Now and relieve that magical moment we all got to see when she sung it on Xfactor.. Get it on Itunes Now

Dope Covers: @SongwriterTC Refill ( @ellevarner )

He has murdered another cover. Some people can sing and then some people can flat out sang. Check out the cover below. Also Go to And get his latest Mixtape

New Music: Chris Brown - One More Time

Another track for #Teambreezy listening pleasure..I think this album gone be crazy when it drops. Now lets get to the music

Preview the Azealia Banks 1991 EP Now

Here a brief preview of the Highly anticipated EP from @AzealiaBanks Check it out below

I Am LeA Robinson (Sneak Preview of Upcoming Music)

Here is the newest video from  @TheLeARobinson where she is giving you a inside look on who she is and music to look out for Official Website: Twitter  Facebook Tumblr Instagram TheLeARobinson

Duets: J Rome ( @JRomeDuets ) and Jennifer Nettles #Duets

J Rome and jennifer Nettles start the show off with a bang with "Tonight"

Duets: Bridget Carrington ( @BridgetDuets ) and John Legend #Duets

Bridget Carrington and John Legend deliver a sultry performance of "Tonight"

Duets: John Glosson ( @JohnDuets ) and Jennifer Nettles #Duets

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles deliver a emotion drenched performance of "Stay"

Duets: Robin Thicke and Alexis Foster ( @AlexisDuets ) #Duets

Alexis Foster and Robin Thicke singing "Magic"

Duets: John Legend and Johnny Gray ( @JohnnyDuets)

Johnny gray and john legend knocking ordinary people out the park

Duets: Kelly Clarkson and Jason Farol ( @JasonDuets ) #Duets

Jason Farol and kelly clarkson "Breaking your own heart"

Duets: Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Meredith ( @JordanDuets ) #Duets

In case you missed it we have her performance of "Stronger" with kelly clarkson

Hot New Music: @wishishere - Used to Love You

Wish is back yall and she is bringing the 90's back with her with this latest music offering titled "Used to Love You".. She channels the greats in this track..Take a listen and see who you recognize.. For More on Wish go to Her Official Site

New Music: @ALBeBACK f/ Lou Wiggz - Type Wow

A new track from one of our new favorite Hip Hop Artists Albe Back..Check it out below and check out the tracks that made em one of our faves Here

The Wanderer Diaries...Entry 1

So i was just walking and decided to carry my camera and this is some of the things i came up with

New Music: Justin Garner - Fire Away

Justin's new exclusive international single "Fire Away" (produced by Jus10 Williams) will be available May 22, 2012. The record will be available on iTunes Australia/N.Z., Canada, UK/European Union, Japan, Mexico, Latin America (incl. Brazil) only.

Rihanna Kissed Rita Ora??

Guess there is no beef between the ladies..We know some of your wish it was tho #Shrugs

2012 Billboard Awards Performances #BBMA

For those of you like me who missed the billboard awards we have compiled a list of the performances For your viewing pleasure below..Enjoy Carly Rae Jepsen Nelly Furtado Whitney Houston Tribute Katy Perry Linkin Park Carrie Underwood The Wanted Justin Bieber Usher Chris Brown Kelly Clarkson LMFAO

New Music: @cocaine80s - QueentoBe #Cocaine80s

New Music: @iamboomkack - Last Chance (Teaser)

Yall know we had to share a new track from one of my dance inspirations Laurieann Gibson (Mama Boomkack) Hearing this track only makes me think of how serious the 8 counts are going to be when a visual is created for it.. But enough of my talking lets get to the music..Dance for your life

New Music:@DawnRichard - Wild N Young

Here is a new track from Dawn Richard called Wild N Young..This beat bangs check it out below and download it as well

Music Video: @BmoreBrave - Break Me Down

Love the new video from Brave..The concept and lyrics are dope..Plus we like that she showcases her dope tone (Voice) and spit game... Check it out below

Music Video: DJ Rim F/ Kalenna ( @kdiddybop ) - World Love

Love the song and the vibe of the video.. Check it out below

Tech: new app Ovoto

I know I can't be the only one who has ever seen something and not known if I should buy it or not. Well now there is a app for that. The app is called Ovoto and with just a few finger swipes your friends and twitter followers will be able to help you decide.. Just snap a pic and select ask and pick from buy,sell,drink,eat,go, or wear.then you can choose the duration and where to post it twitter/'s free so what's the harm in testing it out?? - Follow me on twitter @just_bam

Is Obama the first gay president? Newsweek thinks so

So the man says he is for gay marriage and this is what he gets in return? I think it's a bit much but here is what they have to say in there defense It’s easy to write off President Obama’s announcement of his support for gay marriage as a political ploy during an election year. But don’t believe the cynics. Andrew Sullivan argues that this announcement has been in the making for years. “When you step back a little and assess the record of Obama on gay rights, you see, in fact, that this was not an aberration. It was an inevitable culmination of three years of work.” And President Obama has much in common with the gay community. “He had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family,” Sullivan writes. What do you think about this?? - Follow me on twitter @just_bam

Photography: Amazing shadow artwork

Check out some amazing art from Tim Noble and Sue Webster. They made these brilliant pieces of art by arranging trash and shining a light on them to produce these unique shadows. Check out some of our favorite pieces below Check them out Official website - Follow me on twitter @just_bam

Dope Vocals: @Dondria Freestyle

She took this song to the church and back and we love it lol..Check it out below

Mixtape Alert: @MeekMill - Dreamchasers 2 Hosted by @DJDRAMA #DreamChasers2 #MMG

Tired of waiting on Sites with crashed servers? Get the hottest mixtape out this week now from philly's own Meek Mills with Features from Wale,Drake, Trey Songz, Rozay, and more.. Get it below Get it Now

New Music: @YaGirlDWoods - 2 The Bottom

New Music from D woods called "2 the bottom" On Itunes now

Musiq Soulchild Book 143 is Up For Pre Order NOW

 The highly anticipated book from @MusiqSoulchild is almost here..But why wait when you can place your order for your autographed copy now? Thats what we thought below is a quick breakdown of the book followed by the Pre order link..Go Get Your Copy Now “1 4 3 – Love According to Musiq”, is a journey into the heart of Musiq Soulchild.  It talks about the impact that love has had on his music and how his music has impacted the relationships of others.  With sophisticated swag and attention to detail from every angle, Musiq gives his take on what it means to love one’s self and another person, and how the two come together to form true happiness. 1 4 3 was written as a conversation piece in order to create a stronger bond between two people.  For those of you looking to better the communication and overall connection in your relationship, this book is for you. Pre Order Now

Music Video: Wisin & Yandel ft. Jennifer Lopez - Follow The leader

We have a new favorite song and it is called "Follow the leader" The beat and vibe of the song have mos d ef made it something I wanna add to my ipod. The video sold me even more with all the action they jammed into the 4 minute and 58 second video...I'm not sure if they did the stunts but they did their individual roll outs at the end of each jump :)...Check it out below

Guest Blog: The Bridge Of A Lasting Love Pt 2

Here is Part 2 from Guest Blogger  @NeoThaAnomaly from MyRealiTV Now someone asked me before, “how do we maintain a good line of communication?” and my response was this…it all depends on you as the individuals in the relationship, all I can tell you is what works for me but I can’t speak for you and yours. And again we go back to having a line of communication in the first place because during the courting phase you should be trying to learn as much about the other person as possible so you know if they have a hard time opening up or are just an open book and always willing to talk. When you are on a first date you talk and try to get to know someone so that you can see if there will be another date, well I personally apply this same logic throughout my relationship, not saying that now my 7th going on 8th year of my relationship I use our dates to gauge if there will be another but I do use them to try to find something new out about my wife each time. I pick her b

Guest Blog: The Bridge Of A Lasting Love Pt 1

Here is The first installment from Guest Blogger  @NeoThaAnomaly  from  MyRealiTV  where he breaks down his view on vital Communication is in relationships. Most def a good read for yall Alright this whole thing was a process that took me a lot longer than I planned and I am sure my homie Bam was ready to strangle me cause he asked me for this so long ago but when it comes to the topic of love it’s just such a vast area of discussion and I needed to make sure I was in the right space when writing this. I had so many directions that I wanted to go into with this from speaking on when I first met my wife and our story of how we fought against some pretty strenuous odds to make it to the point we are at, to speaking on breakups of the past and how I overcame them but I decided to speak on something that is, TO ME , one of the most vital and important aspects of any relationship and that is…communication. Communication to me is the life line, the pulse, the heartbeat of a

Usher Reveals Album art for "Looking 4 Myself"

So here is the Artwork for Usher's next project (well the deluxe edition anyway) it will be out for your listening pleasure on 6/12/2012 He is also bringing a few friends by the name of Luke Steel, Ricky Rozay, and Pharrell. The deluxe will be 18 tracks while the non deluxe edition will only contain 14. The title is ironic to me because I have said "is usher trying to find himself with these past singles he has released" Here is the track listing below enjoy 1. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 2. Scream 3. Climax 4. I Care For U 5. Show Me 6. Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross) 7. Twisted (feat. Pharrell) 8. Dive 9. What Happened To U 10. Looking 4 Myself (feat. Luke Steele) 11. Numb 12. Lessons For The Lover 13. Sins Of My Father 14. Euphoria Deluxe Edition: 15. I.F.U. 16. Say The Words 17. 2nd Round 18. Hot Thing

New Music: @stacyfrancis - Narcotics/the one who will love me

We have been waiting for new music from stacy francis and we are here to tell you we finally got some and we love every single track... check out the new music below Narcotics The one who will love me