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Dope Cover: @iknowJONATHAS - Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover)

Download it here

Music Video: Rihanna - Where Have You Been #WhereHaveYouBeen

Music Video: @Ahmir - Didn't Mean

The Most Popular R&B group on youtube has released a new original song for your listening and viewing pleasure. Its good to see real r&b is making a comeback. lets get into the video below "Didn't Mean" AHMIR original song available on iTunes now! Share this with a tweet Written and produced by Henry Hill & The 1st Singles Follow them on Twitter! Video filmed and edited by Hunter Lyon & HL Films: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube -

New Kids on the block..Eagles Draft Picks

#TeamEagles i would like to introduce the new players for the team and give you a glimpse of how good they are below. First up We Have Fletcher Cox at DL A player we think (After watching the footage below) will  fit right in with The eagles wide 9 defense 2nd we have Mychal Kendricks at LB Fastest LB at the Combine who we think is going to light it up on the field Vinny Curry at DL Another we think is gonna fit right in with the Wide 9 defense Nick Foles at QB We aren't sure how much time he will get but he is pretty good. Could use some work on his footwork though because he seems a bit slow. But has a nice arm Brandon Boykin at CB He may only be 5'9 but dude has hops and can also play receiver? Yeah he gone be a problem for opposing  offenses and defenses Dennis Kelly at OT Don't know much except dude is a giant. people are going to have a time trying to get around him Marvin Mcnutt at WR We just gone

Brian Dawkins Retires as a Philadelphia Eagle

So it has come full circle as we all hoped it would. After signing a 1 day contract B dawkins has retired a eagle and has taken his number with him. What does that mean? there will never be another player in a 20 jersey on the eagles field. Many past and present Eagles players came out to show love and share experiences with Dawkins. here are two of our favorite qoutes It was tough playing against him&you had so many great players surrounding him. The hardest hit I ever took was against Brian Dawkins, said Michael Vick. I think its playing with a guy like Mike Jordan on the team. You see his passion, determination ,aggression on the football field and I was glad I was on his side of things, said Donovan McNabb.

New Mixtape Alert: @IamMishaB - Why Hello World

Its here For your listening pleasure yall. Go get your copy now and tell a friend to get one also #MishaBMixtape

Spaz (@GetEmSpaz) - Wassup Wit It (Official Video) Ft. Mag x Stunna Lorenzana

Track Produced by Inspired Mindz Video Directed by Above The Elite Production

New music: Brandy & Chris Brown - Put It down #PutItDown

Here is the song that had chris brown raving about brandy on twitter..eventhough it is just a snippet i love the song already.. Shouts out to RCA for the hook up.

New Music: @BoloBrown - Money (In Studio Performance)

Behind The Scenes: Tank & T.I - Compliments

Go behind the scenes of Tank's latest video shoot for "Compliments" Ft. T.I. & Kris Stephens! The video was shot in Atlanta, and directed by Juwan Lee! Pre-Order Tank's new album THIS IS HOW I FEEL @ iTunes:

New Music: Alyxx Dione - I like It Rough

Check out something from the talented @AlyxxDione titled "I like it Rough" check it out below

Cassie - King of Hearts (Live on 106th and park)

For those who may have missed it cassie performed king of hearts live with @Hennessy_5678 @LaTonyaBTD killing it on stage..But don't take my word for it check it out below

Music Video: Kerli - Zero Gravity

Anybody that knows me knows I am a huge Kerli fan since the love is dead album. But for some you may know her as the writer behind skycraper by demi lovato. Her style has always been futuristic/gothic/and cartoonish at times but it always dope. Check out her video Zero Gravity below Buy it now

Music Video: @SabiSoundz - Wild Heart

I have a new favorite artist and she goes by the name of Sabi. Her vocals and dope visuals most definitely caught my attention when i watched this video and had to share it with my readers. Check it out below

New Music: Kevin Cossom - Hook VS. Bridge 2 Mixtape

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

New Music: Prosice - 420

The Big homie @Prosice has dropped a single in support of #420 check it out below and make sure to download your copy of the track also..Also make sure to check his blog out @

New Music: Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth for $4.99 #ADifferentKindofTruth

Get the new  @ VanHalen  Album we the fans have been waiting for. Plus its only $4.99 (For today only) so its pretty much a win win situation for you right now. So what are you waiting for go get it NOW. Get it now for $4.99 Below are some reviews from our customers  1984 it's not... it's more like 2012!   Exceeded Expectations   A classic alongside their first, Fair Warning and 1984   The Return of Roth Love that Majority of you love the album

New Music: @cristenemusic - Civil Sybil Part I Mixtape

Taking off like a plane and not landing; Philly artist and songstress /pianist “CrisTenè” shares her voice and skills with her mixtape “Civil Sybil Part I”. CrisTenè claims Sybil, her alter ego, as one who has multiple personalities describing her music. Sybil originally a 1976 Film, remade in 2008, inspired CrisTenè to use Sybil as an adjective describing her work. Not to mention, growing up her eccentric conduct led to her family nicknaming her “Sybil”. Follow @cristenemusic, like her and visit her Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

The Dream Goes blonde then back to Black?

So my TL was in a little uproar over the above pic and i honestly don't see why everybody had negative remarks when he was only  honoring a bet. And now its back to black like it never happened But that hasn't stopped the haters from still trying to is some of the nonsense that is on my TL right now. it's pretty offensive that y would dye ur beard hair like a homo to try to be cool. Ur not a trend setter. Ur a dickrider Homo of The Week: @MrTeriusNash ..Now we are doing blonde beards? Arent u almost 40? Cut if off..Along w ur head   I never knew changing  your hair color could effect somebody else like this. What do yall think? Cause we just don't get what all the fuss is about

New Music: @ericmusiconline - Beautiful Disaster Mixtape

Here for your listening pleasure is another project from Eric Crawley. Check out is previous project Glow In The Dark  If you don't have it in your collection already. Now lets get to the new music shall we..Beautiful Disaster is a 9 track packed mixtape that showcases his voice and writing ability off very well. See for yourself below Follow him on twitter @EricMusicOnline Download it Now

New Music: Maroon 5 F/ Wiz Khalifa - PayPhone

You can never go wrong with a maroon 5 song and Wiz complimented the song well in my opinion. Check it out below

New Music: @jhopsmusicbox - Wrap my arms around you

We at bam vs media have been fans of Justin hopkins since he hit the voice (we dont agree that he should of left so soon) so of course we are gonna share new music with our readers when we get a chance to :) Here is a new track titled "Wrap My Arms Around You" Get it now

Rihanna goes topless?

Ms ri ri knows how to keep the medias attention. These are the newest Rihanna pix to surface and we are sure they will be all over the blogosphere soon. Check them out below - Posted by @just_bam

Dope Music: @RockstarReid - Fly Away

Check out the latest music offering From The Big homie Aaron Alexander. Has a smooth chill vibe that I dig. Check it out below and judge for yourself. #BeEpic

Music Video: Melody Thornton - Someone To Believe

Another visual from the POYBL mixtape which i recommend you get if you haven't already

Spotlight Artist: @AZEALIABANKS - Valerie/Runnin live at Coachella

Yo she went off and I now love her singing voice even more. Check out her  Amy Winehouse Cover before she rips Runnin live on stage Fuck Up The Fun/Barbie Shit 212/Firestarter

Dance Post: @FreshRedding - Dirty Money Last Night Pt 2

Dope choreo that we had to share with our readers. Check it out Below and make sure you follow the choreographer Fresh Redding

R.I.P Adult Star Marland Sledgehammer Anderson

If you are wondering why you see #Sledgehammer on your timeline it is to show respect to Marland Anderson. We have just received news that  Sledgehammer has passed away yesterday after being in a coma. The back story on this is that the media is spinning is his girlfriend called the cops because he was trying to commit suicide on sunday   and that she got the knife away from him. After subduing him he was cuffed to a gurney and he broke loose and they shot him with a taser to restrain him...Sounds funny to me Did a little digging and  the suicide attempt is true but the rest is flaky. From what I discovered is Sledge had been suffering from depression lately and indeed tried to harm himself that night. Alexa Cruz (girlfriend) said that sledge had a anxiety attack in the ambulance and wanted out so they released him and called the cops to the residence. When the cops arrived they shot him with tasers until he went into cardiac arrest says Stoney Curtis (Sledghammers director) He w

New Mixtape: @M_A_S_LO - Best Of A Stranger 2.9

Check out the latest Mixtape from my big homie M.A.S Called Best Of A Stranger 2.9 Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Dope Music: Day 26 - Radio

Dope new song for your listening pleasure written by SongwriterTC


New Music: Rah Digga Goes Off "The Nigga In Me"

Rah got bars for you new niggas that don't know no better. Never disrespect a vet or this is what will happen to ya. But no she isn't doing this for no promo she just got tired of niggas disrespecting her name which is respectable. "I didn't make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that's not my thing. I got wind of various artists referencin me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I'm just pokin back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits. Rah Digga is off limits. Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical A$ whoopin. Love is love.”

New Music: @YoungVinchi Mixtape "ITS ME" 2012 / Get Ya Hands Up

Get The Mixtape Now You know the drill when most unsigned new artists drop a mixtape: disappointing generic- sounding music, tired themes, lame lyrics, fake bravado on the visuals. But then, every so often, a new rapper hits the streets and just like a tasty cheeseburger, the more you bite off and chew, the better he gets. Put your order in now and make it official; “It’s Me” by Young Vinchi is 2012’s best- kept tasty secret. No need to take the D Train uptown to the Bronx’s Bainbridge Avenue to get it, Young Vinchi – with his clever rhymes, sly imagination and hype J Staffz beats - brings it to you . “It’s Me” – hosted by DJ Lyle of BET’s 106 and Park - appeals to all your senses of having fun, looking good, feeling good, being young at the club: smokin’, drinkin’ and thinkin’, chasing “Shaquana and Shaquita”, and getting paid. The music - layered sonic arrangements of speaker-rattling percussion bombs, horns and keyboards- is a human bobble-head soundtrack. No

Music Video: Drake Ft/ Rihanna - Take Care

Maybe it will grow on me but at the moment I dont like it

Music Video: Nicki Minaj F/ 2 Chainz - Beez In The Trap

Music Video: Jennifer Lopez F/ Pitbull - Dance Again

Here is the latest video From JLO. check it out below

New Music: Justin Garner - We Own the Night (Snippet)

Here is a snippet to a brand new single that will drop April 10 on Amazon and Itunes. The song was produced by Shaun Andrew. Listen to the snippet below and let us know what you think

@SeraHillSings - Rolling In The Deep (Adele cover)

Check her out singing Of my favorite Adele records below

New Music: Alyxx Dione - When It's Gone

The newest installment from Alyxx Dione titled "When It's Gone" Get It Here

Demi Lovato "Stay Strong" Documentary #StayStrong

For any of the #Lovatics that missed it we have the entire documentary for you here at bam vs media  Part 1 Get More: Music News Part 2 Get More: Music News Part 3 Get More: Music News Part 4 Get More: Music News Part 5 Get More: Music News Part 6 Get More: Music News Part 7 Get More: Music News

Music video: Demi lovato - give your heart a break

Here is the official premier of the give your heart a break video by Demi lovato

Bruno Mars Comes Out of the Closet??

So word on the street is Bruno has came out of the closet during a interview in chi town. Here are his words: "I will not go to great lengths to spread this news. The timing is bad, I hadn't realized it was April Fool's Day but it's been pointed out to me and I don't want to go too public with this. I don't want it to be disregarded as a joke. My sexuality is no joke to me and it's come out a little faster than I'd hoped." Rumor has it that he was going to publicly let his fans know during a televised interview but I guess they beat it to the punch. More info coming as soon as i get it to backup this story it bust it. But If its true does anybody really care? He makes good music and that's all that should be judged in my opinion. What do you think?

Ryan Anderson Breaks Ankle after Ty Lawson Crossover

Rihanna's New Look

Looks like she's done with the "blondes have more fun" look