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Fashion: Outfit Breakdown

Outfit breakdown

Polo Ralph Lauren® USA Racing Vest - $298.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Full-Zip Hoodie -$110.00

Polo Ralph Lauren® Baseball Cap $35.00

Polo Ralph Lauren® Lipsenard Jeans $115.00

Cole Haan® Air Newport Lace Oxfords $128.00

Bam Comentary: I'm usually not a polo fanatic but i could see myself wearing this to a shoot or out somewhere

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GeekGasm: @DCUO Update 16 Pix and Webcast #DCUO

So DCUO has pulled me in with this update because you can't go wrong with Aquaman updates. Check out these New Styles below and the Webcast also

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 Fisherman Style
 Logistic Style

You get a pet also

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