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Under The Sea

Here are some new sea creatures that look weird as hell lol.

 The Swell shark. This shark inflates its stomach to scare away its predators

A new species of crab. Don't it look like its fried lmao

Two new forms of Sea Slugs.. I think the second one scares me more

And here is a newly found Sea Worm. It looks like a neon centipede to me


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Week

This week is Chocolate Chip Cookie week :D

Chocolate chip crust ice cream sandwich cake (this looks good)

Chocolate chip cricket cookies (Never would eat this bs)

Bacon chocolate chip cookies (had these before and they are super greasy)

Deep fried chocolate chip cookie burger (Disgusting)

Spicy chocolate chip cookies (Never would eat this nonsense)

Deconstructed chocolate chip cheese cookie pie (looks like a load of crap)

Largest chocolate chip cookie ever (This is insane)

Alicia keys covered in body paint!!!!

Swizz recently posted a pic of his wife covered in body paint. Here is what he had to say.

This is hands down the best canvas I ever painted, it's my best work ever," he wrote. "Art is love and life is love. Spread love.
Bam Commentary: Who knew swizz was a painter? I sure didnt lol

Tiffany Evans - Peace Of God