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The Dark knight Rises Villain revealed

Ladies and gentlemen i give you BANE (played by Tom Hardy) He will be the lead villain in The Dark Knight Rises.I know I cant be the only one hype for this movie.. the official site for the movie is But if you tweet #TheFireRises it will bring you to a blurry image that will clear itself up as so Bane Revealed


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Man Stabbed In Love Park..

A man was stabbed and killed Thursday night in one of the most iconic squares in Philadelphia.

A man in his 30s was stabbed around 10 in Love Park at 15th and JFK in Center City, according to Philadelphia Police.

The unidentified victim later died at the hospital, cops said.

A suspect was arrested, police said.

There was no motive immediately given for the stabbing.


New Music: #TrustNobody - by @JohnBlu (feat. Count of @LepBogusBoys)

John blu ft. count of lep bogus boys trust nobody

Bamclusive: Ciara - Gimme That (Club Banger)

Bam Commentary: This song goes hard. Can already imagine the choreography to this is gone be ridiculous.