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@GorillaZoe - I Am Atlanta 3 Mixtape

Download Here Bam Commentary: Dope Mixtape.One of my favorite tracks on it so far is "Body Bag" and "Im good"

Spotlight Artist: Antwan Davis

Antwan Davis releases his second official mixtape entitled "Beyond The Music". "Beyond The Music features artist such as Chill Moody, Boogieman Dela, West Philly Blake, Aime, Frenchie,Damo, 5Grand, K.A. Muse and more. "Beyond The Music" features production from Wes ManChild , Hank McCoy, and MadFace Productions. "Beyond The Music" is available for free download at But before you go there make sure you check out this vid we got straight from the artist: Contact Info: AntwanDavisEST 215-850-8891

Dance of the day: @thefreshestkid - Fall for your type Choreo

Bam Commentary: This is cold. dope iso's and musicality Subscribe to his youtube Follow on Twitter

Skylar diggins under attack on twitter

I dont know if yall have peeped it but first is was the fake nude pix and now its model chicks getting mad. This is Skylar This is the latest bs to hit the net.Some video chick chose to let off some steam via twitter. Here is what she had to say: Word got back to Skylar and she added her two cents and let it ride: Bam Commentary: Somebody sounds mad lmfao. If you this high paid video chick why you mad at a college basketball player??? It gotta be all the celebs showing her love. What you think readers?

Driving,porn,and masturbating wtf

Cincinatti cops pulled over 36 year old Colondra Hamilton and discovered she was masturbating with a sex toy and watching a porn while driving her car! Some  drug paraphernalia was also confiscated. According to the police report, when officers approached Hamilton’s vehicle they noticed that her pants were unbuttoned and a sex toy was in her lap. Hamilton told cops “she had been using it (we all know what it was lmfao) while watching a video on the computer the passenger was holding.” Bam commentary:  How many points does she get for doing all this at once? Lmfao

Da brat and jermaine Dupri - Look at me now (Flames)

Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri - Look At Me Now (Remix) by jd & da brat Bam Commentary: da brat is back

#Dance : Ciara Sprite Step off

Bam Commentary: She a beast on stage

Keri Hilson Naked

Bam Commentary: a picture from her shot with allure magazine

Olivia - December

Bam Commentary: Dope song. Her voice is mad dope.. You can def hear the growth from bizzounce to this. Make sure to support and download it on Itunes

Dillz Feat. Kristie Alexandra - Single (Remix)

Bam Commentary: Dope track. Mos def a artist to look out for. been following since the your girls future favorite rapper mixtape . Get familiar Download the Mixtape here Follow @Dillz_Music 

New Twitter background

I finally got a new layout for my twitter page.. I wanted something nice but still simple. And now I have just that thanks to my big homie @RMDESIGNZ Hit em up for you twitter layouts or graphic design needs.. Tell him bam sent ya

Wtf of the day

This is what we do now? I can't wait till she hit that senior citizen age lmfao

Heavy Impact Performs at World of Dance LA 2011

Bam Commentary: They killed it

Carrie underwood and steven tyler Steal the show at the ACM Awards

Bam Commentary: They need to do something else together because they vocals together are dope in my opinion.

Rihanna Goes Country? WTF

Bam Commentary: Just Why did they match them up. The Academy of Country music awards could of did without this seriously

Philly being sued by Attorney

A prominent Philadelphia lawyer is suing the Philadelphia Police Department after officers seized his car under the city's "Live Stop" program and left his daughter — who was driving — stranded in West Philadelphia. Attorney Stephen Sheller says his daughter was driving his car in West Philadelphia last week when she was pulled over for an expired registration. He says police impounded the car and left his daughter and her fiancĂ© stranded in a neighborhood that Sheller contends was unsafe. "You know, I'd expect this kind of behavior in Damascus, Tripoli, or Tehran, but not in Philadelphia," he told KYW Newsradio Friday morning. So Sheller now is suing the City of Philadelphia on behalf of anyone who has had a car impounded under " Live Stop ," a program that he says is blatantly unconstitutional. A spokesman for the police department says he cannot comment on the suit, but he says officers are obligated to take drivers of impounded

Kellly Rowland Motivation Single Artwork

Bam Commentary: I like it. But what do you think?

Nicki Minaj - Tragedy (Lil kim diss)

Bam Commentary: Just when you thought this nonsense was over. SMH here we go again

Keri Hilson Wants no parts of Twitter?

So one of my followers put me down that Keri Hilson thinks twitter is a distraction to her career now.. (Pauses for dramatic effect) So i had to go look for it and this is what i have dug up so far: So it looks like that is what it is. Unless this is a delayed April fools joke alot of her stans are going to be upset. More info will be added as it comes in.