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Chris Vs Raz B

The hilarious beef from chris brown, raz b, ricky romance and omarion. the first two will be in order. but the rest wont be. #sueme lol The tweet that started it Chris brown response that started the chaos lmfao Now lets get into the jokes Raz B got his 15 minutes of fame....Breezy went ham.....Omarion was subtweeting like shit...RickyRomance PAUSE...That about sums it up. Later readers Ps i tweeted Breezy when we could get some music. guess i got my answer

Bamclusive: Alicia Keys f/ EvE - Speechless

Diggy Cypher (Full verse)


Diggy - Paid In Full

Download Bam Commentary : Diggy going off.

Dawn Richard - Lost Soul


Bamclusive: Keri Hilson/ Chris Brown - One Night Stand

Download Here Bam Commentary: Fave track I have heard so far from this No Boys Allowed project. In my opinion i think breezy out did her on the vocals but thats just IMO. What do you think?

New Jamie Fox - Yep Dats Me (featuring souljah boy and ludacris)

Download here What do you think? Is it single worthy? Oh yeah b4 I forget Album in stores  12/21/2010

We Keep it rocking - Maino/swizz/jada/jim jones/joell ortiz

Clean version Dirty version

Just WTH

I dont know what to say.....

When Stans Attack

Ok so many may have seen the drama of when stans attack on twitter tonight. Quick breakdown the ciara fans went in on rihanna tonight. Why do u ask? they believe rihanna was talking bad about CiCi when her album sell prediction was released. Now let me give you some visuals to get you up to speed. This is who started the whole thing: Here is rihanna's response: Following that tweet came this: So yall know #TeamCiara came running pitch forks in hand at rihanna page. They called her every name in the book.(wil update when those screenshots come in) I mos def seeing this story hitting mad blogs in the morning. But remember ya heard it hear first on bam vs media. And ladies and gentlemen you are now up to speed on this weeks "When stans attack" **************************Update************************************************ This is Rihanna's response to Bam vs Media:

Check it out

Bam Commentary: These sinks would need cleaning around the clock lmfao

Power Ranger Post

Where are they now (From left to right) Billy - came out the closet Kimberly - Is still acting^ Jason - paramedic/personal trainer ^  Tommy - MMA Fighter^ Trini - R.I.P 2001^ Zack - Still acting. most recent work > Bank of America commercials^ Bam Commentary: Wow at how they all changed. They still hold the best season of power rangers in my opinion. It was alot of money issues behind the scenes and i see why they left. But the main ones who changed drastically is tommy and jason. they look like two different people.

Eve - Hot Steppa

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Philly stand up for this one.

Spotlight Artist: JayShawn

Hello my name is Jay "JayShawn" Spicer I'm 19 years old born in Seattle Washington, I'm a Rapper(lyricist), Producer(Engineer), Songwriter And Performer. Born Oct. 26 1990 in Seattle Washington. Lyricist focused on conveying a message, telling a story, using worplay metaphors analysis ect. My main influences are just real MC's like; Nas , KRS One, Biggie, JayZ, and Talib Kweli, Andre 3000, Eminem and Fabolous . I can say that they are my main influences that made me want to become an MC. My music is a reflection of the me. My music showcases  the craft we know as "rappping"..... Here is a sample track for you to listen to: To hear more go here

Digital Deaths/ Buy Life

These celebs have killed there social lives until $1,000,000 is raised for the Keep a child alive fund. To save them go to or text alicia,usher,bronson,serena,swizz,daphne,elijah,janelle, jennifer or justin to 90999