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@Dondria Shotz Spread

She is def putting in work right now. Make sure you Buy her debut project "dondria vs phatfffat" on itunes or click on the image/link below to purchase on Amazon

Blue Power ranger comes out the closet

David Yost was one of the original "teenagers with attitude,"(you know that name if you were a ranger fan) playing the nerd of the gang Billy. Or you may know him as the the guy in the suspenders lol. David ran with the power ranger series for 3 straight seasons before leaving. He has finally decided to say why he decided to leave the franchise. i walked off set one day, during the middle of lunch, halfway through the day. I had made a decision I had been thinking about for a good week, and the reason I walked off is because I had been called faggot one too many times He said he had been called gay slurs numerous times from writers, directors, creators, producers, and his co-stars had even been called in the producers office and questioned about his sexuality. After David revealing this information it took twitter by storm as you see here: Anything to say readers?

Beyonce ranked higher then Whitney and Mariah for best artist of all time? GTFOH

I was skimming through my social networks an stumbled on this nonsense. VH1 did a ranking for best artist of all time. I had been boycotting these rankings especially since that dance rank when they put Ciara at 25 (a blind man could see that was crazy) But I checked out the list and saw this fuckery Confusing aint it. So I scroll down even more to see that Mariah is #94. Some things about this ranking just dont sit right with me. Now if this said of our generation now I would get it. But it says of ALL TIME. How can you put a entertainer above the two people that inspired her to even get in the game??? But for my readers that need the facts. I got you in a second. The Facts: MARIAH CAREY: 79 weeks combined at number one (Rank: 1) 18 number ones 6 number one albums So 7 albums with more than 10 million in total worldwide sales 2 albums with more than 20 million in total worldwide sales “Music Box” is the fifth most successful album to be released since its release in 199

Jahron B - Work it out

Follow Him on twitter at @JahronB

Kanye featuring beyonce/Charlie Wilson - See Me Now

Bam Commentary: could this song drip anymore cocky/arrogance ? Kanye is back #Kanyeshrug lol

Teairra Marie - I Know it's You

Bam Commentary: post number 2 from "The Point Of No Return" .. One more might be following this after i go through the whole mixtape..

Teairra Marie - Girl Power (Power Cover)

Bam Commentary: She def putting in work. building a nice buzz for the album

Bam's Shoot with Larry K

Chris Brown - Your Love (remix)

#question > From a lyrical standpoint eve or nicki?

So Far the results are Eve = 6 Nicki = 0 Here are some of the responses: My vote is for Eve Neo: Really Bam??? Lol Eve hands, and feet down son it's not even close RT @KingSReid: @Just_bam Eve RT @MzNinda: @Just_bam definitely EVE RT @TheDreTheory: @Just_bam #COSIGN. It's the Eve of Destruction.... ha!!!! RT @ChanDaChamp: @D_Grease @Just_bam. Idk u but what kind of question is that. That's like asking what color is the blue sky lol #nickisucksbothways The tweet that had me dying for a second tho goes to: RT @LexEffects: @Just_bam u cant compare her to any rapper, cuz nicki isnt a rapper, she is a character like soulja boy.