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Laugh of the day

The soldiers who star in the video are already being hounded by the press, but so far have declined to answer questions from journalists. When he posted the video, 24-year-old soldier and amateur video director Aaron Melcher included the following note: "This is a couple guys located in afghanistan, that re-made the music video by Lady Gaga....Telephone. Prepare yourself for a fantastical journey. Right now this is the temporary version, we have more scenes to cut, and edit, however with guys always on mission it is harder to film than you think."

Artist Spotlight: Anzeo

Bio: Anzeo David Singer, songwriter and producer. He first made his international debut on MTv's Making the Band 4 with Diddy which catapulted his career to the next level. He has been singing since the age of 7 and some of his musical influences include Brandy, Babyface, Beyonce, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Isreal, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Micheal Jackson. He is currently working on his 1st ever solo project "Hear My Voice". You can also view him on this season (9) of Fox's American Idol. Music: Follow him on twitter at @ AnzeoDavid

Olivia Under the Radar

01. Intro With Ed Lover 02. Take It Off (Remix) (Ft. Maino) 03. Control (Ft. Drake) - Read the back story behind this song here 04. When It’s Real 05. Interview With Ed Lover 06. In My Bedroom (Ft. 50 Cent) 07. Lonely Girl 08. I Got You (Ft. Webstar) 09. Rub Me Up (Ft. Serani) 10. Get It In (Freestyle) 11. Next 2 You 12. Never Too Far 13. Rich Dollaz Speaks 14. Here We Go Again 15. Mike Epps (Outro) Download Here

Bamclusive: Q from 112 - Do over

Download here Bam Commentary: I like this song for some reason..just not sure what the reason is yet lol

Bamclusive: Shareefa - I already Know

Download here

Bamclusive: Tpain - Kiss her

Download here Bam Commentary: Hot or not?

Bamclusive: Drake - find your love

Download Here

Dancer Spotlight: Heavy Impact Crew

Bam Commentary: Heavy impact crew is the shit period. They get it down with the best of them..(still on the fence wit that double elimination on abdc) But its good to see they still making they impact(no pun intended lol) on the dance community. For my Cali readers make sure yall make they workshop @ Team Millenia Dance Studio on May 1st from 12pm- 5:00pm...For more info go here

Logan Houston - In My headphones

Bam Commentary: This song goes hard. what do you think readers?? Follow the artist on twitter @LoganPDA

Artist Spotlight: Esmee Denters

The youtube sensation and justin timberlake artist Esmee is back with another vid for her fans. This one you can def see the growth in her look an confidence. I like the song (wondering why it took so long for a video though) Here is the debut for Love dealer:

WTF of the day: Gmail issues again

Gmail is on the fritz once again..So if your mail isn't coming through (join the club) smh. I don't know what is going on with google but the gmail issue has happened a few times to many already..I'm annoyed cause its getting in the way of my informants sending me topics for my blog. But if your having issues with your gmail go here it's the dashboard that will give you updates on the issue.

Artist Spotlight: Eminem Despicable freestyle

Bam Commentary: R.I.P to both instrumentals.

Get em Granny

Trey Songz Love King Mixtape

Download here  1.Trey Songz - For The Sake Of Love 2.Trey Songz - Til The Day I Die  3.Trey Songz - It Would Be You  4.Trey Songz - Lil Freak  5.Trey Songz - Lemonade  6.Trey Songz - All The Way Turnt Up  7.Trey Songz - Over  8.Trey Songz - Absolute Heat  9.Trey Songz - Put It On My Tab Feat Sammie 10.Trey Songz - The Machine 11.Trey Songz - I Wanna Rock 12.Trey Songz - Hard 13.Trey Songz - Drop It Low (Remix) Ester Dean, Diddy, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown 14.Trey Songz - Make Moves 15.Trey Songz - Big Spender 16.Trey Songz - Im Right Here 17.Trey Songz - Customer  18.Trey Songz - Play House 19.Trey Songz - All My Life 20.Trey Songz - Pack Ya Bagz  21.Trey Songz - Inseparable Feat Mariah Carey  22.Trey Songz - Yesterday

Random Pic: Timbo the king

Bam Commentary: why ya walking down rodeo? followed by ya gotta be carrying the whole world in ya pockets lmao.

Artist Spotlight: Kelly Rowland

Bam Commentary: From start to finish i think the track goes hard.She sounds way more confident in her voice. I see her fans running wild with this one. Welcome back Ms. Rowland. I wonder what the video will look like. I say a rave/club concept. The song fits her tone. I knew she was gone bring it when she did this back in "09"

Artist Spotlight: Kornbread

KORNBREAD! THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION!) Possessing the creativity and showmanship of a true emcee Kornbread aka Ricardo Rivira aka Mr. PHIRDAYFIHSFRY(yes hes a gemini) posses the true essence of Music by way of HipHop! Having been a student of greats from Parlimentfunkadelic to Outkast devin the dude to the BACKYARD BAND EU RARE ESSENCE CHUCK BERRY from ZAPP to Tupac from getoboyz to ice t to GANGSTA NIP TO NWA TO Busta rhymes from Lenny Kravitz to Earth Wind and Fire and rapping, b-boyn, graphn and acting since he was able to utter sound and scoot around. Landing a small role as Otis' younger brother in the Temptation movie and a small part in the Jackson movie and landing a Record deal with Def jam, with one record (and alot of carisma) "You dont want dat" produced by mike boykin (boykinbeatz llc) that was short lived (due to unknown factors) along with former rap partner Slim. 'Bread" has definatly "seen" alot! A military Brat(Texas, Florid

Stop using my shit...Signed Drake..To Olivia

Drake doesnt take lightly people trying to get a buzz off em. Olivia should of got the memo lol... Here are some Quick bullets to catch you up to speed: 3 years ago, Drake recorded a song with Montreal pop-singer Leila called "All Night"  ^This song is an official Collab  Now recently i got this track called "Control" by Olivia..Something just sounded familiar when i heard it  It's the same beat an starting verse...(Thats why it sounded so familiar) SMH  Drake has issued a statement on the matter: “I support artist collaborations and sampling music that inspires you but I don’t support taking unauthorized recordings and marketing them as features. I’ve never worked with Olivia and I apologize to any fan who was duped into thinking that ‘Control’ was a collaboration of mine.” Bam Commentary: Standing ovation for Drake cutting it short before Olivia got buzz of his name. Major #Fail to Olivia for that one. I hope it was some demo or something that happ

Bam Playlist: Soul Brotha Mix

Soul Brotha Mix pt1. Soul Brotha Mix pt2. Bam Commentary: This is one of my newly created playlists that consist of Chris Brown,Trey songz,Neyo,Lyfe,Musiq, and some artist's ya might not know of yet..Take a listen an let me know what ya think.

Artist Spotlight: John Sportin

New Music from Brooklyn, NY MC John Sportin from his highly anticipated mixtape "Sportin Illustrations Volume.1" Here is a Reggae/Hip Hop Fusion track with the Dynamic Duo "Rock City" Entitled "King of the City" Contact Info: WWW.JOHNSPORTIN.COM TWITTER.COM/JOHNSPORTIN JSPORTIN@TMO.BLACKBERRY.NET BBM PIN:209A43CA Bam Commentary: Dope track in my opinion. Fav line hands down gotta be "I'm a king and your a peasant you are not my kind" But what you think readers??

Artist Spotlight: Drew Sidora

Bam Commentary: This is a major step up (No pun intended) for Ms Sidora. If you ain't get the pun its cause she was the chick singing in Step up the movie.. I def could see this in the club getting heavy rotation. Only thing about it is at times it gives me "how low can you go vibes"...or is that just me??

Artist Spotlight: Claudette Ortiz

Bam Commentary: I know i cant be the only one that was waiting for music from Ms Ortiz. She is mos def a gifted talent in the game with or without city high. Simply Amazing is a dope ballad about being simply amazing(no pun). She basically names everything that she loves about the dude an that she hopes he never changes. I like the melody and her vocals on the track..But enough of my talking lets get to the music

Random Pic: Beyonce

Bam Commentary: Looks like she is finally relaxing and enjoying herself. #standingovation lol. Looks like she got hit with a sand blaster tho lmfao

Ciara f/ Ludacris - Ride it

Bam Commentary: CiCi is back like she aint never left. This an basic instinct are both dope tracks..

Artist Spotlight: Guy Sebastian

Guy Theodore Sebastian (born 26 October 1981) is an Australian singer-songwriter, and winner of the first Australian Idol television talent quest in 2003. He has released four top 4 albums including a No.1 and No.2, which all achieved either platinum or multi platinum accreditation. His fifth album Like It Like That was released in October 2009, debuted at No. 6, and achieved gold accreditation in its 3rd week. He has also released six top 10 singles which includes four No. 1's, and three other top 15 singles. He has 19 platinum and 3 gold accreditation's for albums and singles, the highest accreditation's of any Australian Idol contestant. He has sold over 1.5 million CDs in Australia alone, including more than 800,000 albums.His awards include Channel V's Artist Of The Year in 2004, and Urban Music Awards for Best Male Artist in 2006 and Best R&B Album for his third album Closer To The Sun in 2007. But Now that you have some background lets get to the singing:

laugh of the day: Nelly vs Kat Stacks

Bam Commentary: this the 2nd celeb to expose this groupie. She set herself up to fail on this interview. CTFU

Lyndriette - He Does to Me

Bam Commentary: Dope track & vocals. Follow her on twitter at

RichGirl No hate Pix

Bam Commentary: Dope pic's on deck lol

KFC Double Down Review

Bam Commentary: this dam sandwich is super greasy an gooey wit cheese. With that said make sure you have alot of napkins on deck if you are going to take on this "double down". I suggest you leave the wrapper on it when you eat it(trust me). I dont think i will order it ever again tho. But the crazy thing is everybody that came in the KFC after me ordered one..So they are selling

Model Spotlight: Kami Powell

Name: Kami Powell Modeling name: Endless Location: San Diego Height: 5'3 Weight: 121 lbs. Measurements: 34-26-37 Ethnicity: Black, White, Puerto Rican, Indian, German, Irish Twitter:

Artist Spotlight: Ed E. Ruger

BIO From the triad’s capital,   Greensboro, North Carolina   comes the best recipe for a spectacular, fresh yet familiar emcee, who has easily been coined as “The Voice Of Carolina.”   Ed E.   Ruger   has been showcasing his energetic and vivid rhyming talents with an unmatched grind and work ethic.Along with managing,promoting,booking & bankrolling all his own projects,he's organized some of the Carolinas' biggest shows,including The Dirty Douth Beatdown beat battles,Super Cypher MC battles,his annual birthday bashes & Cd release parties.     Starting out as a battle rapper his in your face freestyles blended in with his crowd hyping ability took over the   North Carolina   underground   by storm. With his never ending hunger for his music the storm has yet to be silenced, in fact it just gets bigger. Ruger claimed the top spot at the 2002 Rhyme   Warz   as their champion and with that he knew he was born to be on stage with a microphone in his hand.     Averaging