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Rihanna W mag portfolio

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1st pic is the cover...
2nd & 3rd pic Prada’s black silk and nylon organza dress, at select Barneys New York stores, Loree Rodkin earrings; Dior Fine Jewelry ring; LaCrasia gloves.
4th pic Les Copains gloves.
5th pic Michael Kors’s black wool crepe dress with patent-leather trim, at select Michael Kors stores, 866.709.KORS. LaCrasia glove; Cartier bracelet.
6th pic Les Copains gloves.
7th pic Dior’s black python and silk coat, at Dior, 800.929.DIOR. Van Cleef & Arpels necklace; Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry tassel necklace; Bulgari bracelet.
8th pic wears Michael Kors’s black wool crepe dress with patent-leather trim, at select Michael Kors stores, 866.709.KORS. Lola hat; Van Cleef & Arpels necklace; Gucci ring and bracelet.


  1. love Rihanna. put this bitch [no pun] in a magazine and it's gonna come out beautiful. my favorite pics are the 3rd and last one. get'em Ri!


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