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Thats what i call Sanging

If ya missed Melanie Fiona on 106th an park u tripping. She killed it( no over the top hair flipping,running across the stage,autotune, or echo machine) just str8 from the gut SANGIN. Even if ya aint going thru it *it kills me* will still give ya chills. But dont take my word for it. just check below


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Kiely Williams - Spectacular


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Bam Commentary: its mos def different from 3lw and cheetah girls but i could def see this played in a dance club or a rave...But honestly i kind of like the song an her vocals are in the pocket of the song. But this is just my opinion. What you think??

New Music: Andrew Garcia (@andrewagarcia) - Hold U Down

Another musical offering from Andrew Garcia and its called "Hold U Down". We at BVM Love the feel good vibe of this track. This is definitely a song you could play riding around on a nice summer day or even on a chill day in the house.

Check it out below

Get "Hold U Down" Here 

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What not to do at the club

Is it safe to ask if she put her number 2 in the air before she shitted on em? *runs off stage*