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WTF!!!!! Joe buddens New Tat

joe budden

Im not to sure what to make of this an hopefully budden will explain it in a upcomming interview..Maybe it just me but i sensing that all the peeps that think he bi polar is gone run wit this image lol..Does this have anything to do wit the recent altercation wit the Chef.. I mean i like the writting if that counts ctfu..


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Music Video: Sirius (@sirius_official ) "Promise" feat. Daniel de Bourg (@danieldebourg )

Check out the video for Promise by Norwegian rapper Sirius featuring Daniel De bourg.. It  is a very emotionally drenched record in our opinion that is complimented with DDB's vocals on the hook. Almost gives us a "Love the way you lie" like vibe.

Check it out below and make sure  to download your copy off of Itunes in the link below.

Here's the link! --->>