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Eminem ft Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West - Forever

Eminem ft Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West - Forever | Audio | Rap Basement

This song is tuff..i bangs wit drizzy an Em's verses.mostly Em part tho cause he went off on his verse like the em everybody wants to hear again.I aint saying that yeezy an weezy aint do they thing but i just wasnt feeling em that much on this track.What yall think of this track??

R.I.P Brianna Lopez

This is the craziest post that has been added to Bam vs media..Its a old story(July 19th, 2002) but its mos def a emotion packed story that shows how crazy child abuse can get and that it needs to be stopped.The story is about brianna lopez, a 6 month old who was killed by her own family in Mexico.
*********Disclaimer***** before u watch the video below know that it is very graphic with the details of what happened to baby Brianna...R.I.P

I cant even watch the vid without tearing up myself..No child deserves to go through that much pain in they life. This should open alot of eyes that child abuse should not be tolerated an that anybody associated should be punished to the fullest extent..Im just sad that she had to endure all that but she is def in a better place now

WTF!!!!! Joe buddens New Tat

Im not to sure what to make of this an hopefully budden will explain it in a upcomming interview..Maybe it just me but i sensing that all the peeps that think he bi polar is gone run wit this image lol..Does this have anything to do wit the recent altercation wit the Chef.. I mean i like the writting if that counts ctfu..

Video Debut - Mya Show me Something

New mya where she makes looking sexy look so effortless..the video may be a lil low budget but it a single for a mixtape so i guess she kept it grimy on the vid when ya doing things wit ur own money ya get props from me automatically lol..make sure yall cop that Beauty & The Streets Vol. 1 in september also

Video Debut - Day26 So good

Bringin it for yall to see here is the Day26 music video for So good..May not be suitable for jods tho lmao

Click here for the video

MISTAH FAB hates dark skin Girls

this is some polow the don ish all ova again..Smgdh.. watch the vid below to see what i mean

No longer young money huh O???

DAMN!!! Son it's only been two months since the world found Omarion was offciially apart of Young Money. Now just as soon as we get used to it is just as soon as he gets the boot SMDH. Omarion was dropped due to a recent leak of his single which featured Lil Wayne. But according to sources it was Omarion himself who was the culprit in this single being leaked to the public. C'mon son y would ya do that O? SMGDH!!! President of Young Money Mr Mack Maine himself confirmed this story via his twitter which read: "ATTN: Omarion is no longer young money.. the track they leaked isn't official. Good luck to him in his future." Maybe it was fake you might say???? Nope!!! check out how many other celebs Rt (means to re tweet)to show that O really did get dropped... Damn O guess it back to square one big homie..Better luck next time..Now i wonder how long bow weezy gone last???

O doesn't seem to be to down about it wit this…

Fashion Of the week

This weeks fashion pick of the week for me comes from the Latest shipment bigcartel. They are a website i stumbled on while on fbook and anybody that knows me knows i luv t-shirts :-). So once i saw a few of them i def will be making some purchases this week. These are my starting 4 picks of shirts i def want
These are just some of my favorite ones so far to check out your own go to
Also Follow DVS Photography on twitter and check out DVSPhotography let em know Bam sent ya

Ruff ryder Reunion

Here a sneak peek at the who's real video and it looks like double R is finally back yall.

C'mon Son

Ed Lover gives his opinion on Raekwon vs Joe Budden, DJ Drama and Jeezy beef, vince young Housewives of Atlanta and more

Katie Price...EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall may be used to her like the picture above but wait till u see these pics from spain..Just wow Katie wow

Jessica simpson can hold her liqour...SIKE!!!!!

Is it me or does somebody look a lil tipsy? lol check out the pics below an you decide can she or cant she hold the liq ctfu
tipsy anybody? wtf get the camera out my face roflmao

Keyshia cut it all off!!!!!!!!!!!

Well maybe not all of it lol..I see we have another person to add to the Kelis trend of cutting it all off. But with keyshia its different because i somewhat like the look on her. What yall think of the new look?

It aint me!!!!!

Not to sure who has or hasn't seen the Leighton Meester sex tape that has been around but she is mos def claiming that it is not her in this movie. IDK if its her or not but they def do resemble each other.. This is what she has to say about the tape in Harper’s Bazaar “[The tape] is not real,” she says bluntly, “so it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did.”
“I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.”

WTF..Twitter Down

Twitter Inc., the fast-growing microblogging service, was inaccessible Thursday morning, struck by a "denial-of-service" attack, the company said on its status blog.

"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly," the company said in a post shortly before 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT) Thursday.

In an update to the blog post, Twitter said the site is back online, but that the company is "continuing to defend against and recover from this attack." The site will remain slow for users attempting to access it while Twitter attempts to recover.

"We're working to get back to 100% as quickly as we can," the company said

Not surprisingly, posts related to the cyber attack have soared to the top of Twitter's most popular topics queue now that the site is back online.

Social-networking giant Facebook Inc. also had network issues this morning, with some users reporting that certain features have been slow or not…

Sicko of the week

Teens Arrested for gang rape and forcing mother to have sex with her son in WEST PALM BEACH, Fla

Eddie winslow goes in on Superhead

this vid explains it all that she aint married to the eddie gave her the treatment in this vid